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Spices Buy, an online store exclusively for Spices. We from the land of spices are doing spices trading from generations. Idukki district in Kerala is famous for spices cultivation. Pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, Ginger, Turmeric, Tamarind, Vanilla, Cocoa, Tea, Coffee are main products in this area. Our neighbor district, Theni in Tamilnadu is also famous for pulses and seed spices. We came to know that most of the consumers are away from fresh spices. Spices available in groceries or most of the supermarkets are after extracting essence. As we are in production area with technology in hand we decided to promote products from our neighborhood to the world. Consumers will get fresh products directly from the farm and the farmers empower with maximum value to their crops. We are collecting most of the crops directly from the farmers. So our customers will get fresh and aromatic spices within days from the garden. 

Spices Buy, not only limited to spices products but also for herbs, oils, nuts, pulses, dry fruits, homemade products and other traditional products. We promote organic farming by giving maximum value to the farmers. For this challenge we included an organic section in this online store.

We have experts to choose finest crops from the farmers, and then they sort it out to sell. Most of the herbal items we collect from tribes who collects it from forest. 



  • Make available fresh spices to all our consumers
  • Empower farmers by avoiding intermediates



  • Make organic farming as the common method of cultivation
  • Educate house wives to use their surrounding for producing organic spices, it will empower them financially and socially.
  • Motivate youngsters to the field of farming 
  • Make aware consumers about the right use of spices and production area.
  • At present ‘Spices Buy’dealsin India only, by 2020 we should reach out to the rest of the world. 


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